Trees by the Sea. 






CZULightning Complex Fire Emergency Relief Fund

  • These forests by the sea are our sanctuary. We grew in these forests. We create from these forests. Our wood is sourced from fallen trees in these forests, and our photography stems from the connection this land holds with us. Our home is on fire and our community needs our support. 

    Art is our best way of knowing how to help. By purchasing "Trees by the Sea" you will be celebrating this land and the many it has housed—from the Ohlone and Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and beyond us today. Where this piece lives in your home will be a reminder to love nature, respect nature, and get outside to connect with nature. 

    Net proceeds go to Redwood forest conservation by Sempervirens and half to Puente's emergency fire relief for South Coast families. 

    Frame Material: Old Growth Fallen Redwood 

    Photo: Photo taken on the South Coast of San Mateo County by Cass Cleave, printed on Jute/hemp paper. 30% hemp fibers, 40% recycled fibers and 30% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) fibers, sourced sustainably through conscious growing practices. Because this paper is natural and uncured - the photo is not your conventional. It is matte, with slightly yellowed whites, and texture in the paper.